About us

About us

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Globally, PIN strives for a world in which people are not restricted by an unfree society, poverty, lack of opportunities or discrimination.

PIN has been working in Georgia since 2005, supporting displaced families, entrepreneurs, farmers, NGOs, local authorities, schools and youth. In Georgia, empowering people is at the heart of what we do. PIN understands empowerment as a process by which people become better able to claim their rights and actively promote change and must not rely on the provision of services. PIN strives to strengthen people’s abilities to improve their lives and the communities they live in.

PIN’s aim in Georgia is to reduce poverty and inequalities, particularly in rural areas. We strive to make this happen by:

1) Making the development process in Georgia more pro-poor and inclusive;

2) building the capacity of people, organisations and networks to advocate and implement changes and

3) protecting the poorest and most vulnerable families who remain excluded from the development process.

In the event of a disaster, PIN also has a role to play to save lives and protect dignity of people affected by the disaster.

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