Europe Day 2023

Published: May 10, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
Europe Day 2023
© Foto: Ramaz Chichinadze

Dear friends and partners,

I am incredibly humbled to share a heartwarming experience that unfolded during Europe Day in Georgia. Our organisation, People in Need (PIN), had the privilege of presenting our dedicated work for Ukrainian refugees in Georgia, and it was an occasion that left a lasting impact on all of us.

PIN colleagues, set up the ‘PIN corner’, a space that radiated with the vibrant colors of Ukrainian culture. It was a delight to witness the masterclasses led by our Ukrainian partners, who shared their expertise in painting eggs and crafting traditional dolls. The level of skill and passion they demonstrated was truly inspiring.

What brought us the greatest joy was the pure happiness reflected in the faces of the children who participated. They immersed themselves in the beauty of Ukrainian traditions and left with new found knowledge and cherished memories. It is moments like these that remind us of the profound impact cultural exchange can have on young minds.

While celebrating this wonderful event, I want to take a moment to reflect on the ongoing support PIN provides to Ukrainian refugees with support from donors such as the European Union and the Government of Liechtenstein. We deeply empathise with the challenges they face, and it is our steadfast commitment to extend a helping hand. As part of our efforts, PIN is dedicated to providing them with safe and secure accommodation, ensuring that those in need have a place they can truly call home.

Additionally, we are committed to equipping Georgian schools with the necessary IT resources to support Ukrainian children in their education with the support of the government of Liechtenstein. We firmly believe that access to proper educational tools is vital for their future success. Moreover, PIN provides capacity development support and Operational and Service Provision Grants to CSOs working with Ukrainians in Georgia.

None of this would have been possible without the collective efforts of our exceptional PIN team. Their unwavering dedication, tireless work, and passion for our mission are the driving forces behind our success. I am immensely proud of each and every colleague who played a part in making the Europe Day event a success.

I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to our generous donors and partners. Your continued belief in our cause and your invaluable contributions make it possible for PIN to create a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Let us cherish this beautiful memory from Europe Day in Georgia and carry the spirit of compassion and empowerment forward.

Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.
Sofia Janjua
Country Director,
People in Need Georgia
Autor: Sofia Janjua, Country Director, People in Need, Georgia.

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