Transcaucasian Trail – Promoting Cross-Border Tourism

Published: Jul 15, 2022 Reading time: 1 minute
Transcaucasian Trail – Promoting Cross-Border Tourism
© Foto: People in Need

Donor: USAID

Project Lead Agency: People in Need Georgia

Project Timeframe: 04/2022 – 02/2023

Project Partners: People in Need Armenia, Transcaucasian Trail NGO of Georgia, Transcaucasian Trail NGO of Armenia

Project key Stakeholders: LAG Aragvi, Akhalkalaki LAG, WINNET Armenia (Vanadzor and Gyumri offices)

Overall Objective: The regional project aims to develop a new network of rural and adventure tourism actors across the two countries

Project Area: The project is implemented in Georgia (Aragvi and Akhalkalaki) and in Armenia (Lori and Shirak provinces)

Project Beneficiaries: Micro and small-medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Georgia and in Armenia, representatives of the public sector: local authorities, protected areas, tour operating companies, members of Local Action Groups (LAGs), Women Resource Centers (WRCs), Georgian Association of Local Action Groups, Georgia (GALAG)

Main Project activities:

  • Conducting 12 days of trail maintenance training in Georgia and in Armenia
  • Distribution of 4 tourism grants for MSMEs
  • Desk review and identification of 4 new hiking trails in Aragvi, Akhalkalaki, Lori, and Shirak provinces
  • Marking of the new hiking trails on Open Street Map
  • Conducting the 4 regional assessments of tourism infrastructure and gaps analysis
  • Organization of the practical and theoretical training for tourism MSMEs on Marketing in Georgia and in Armenia
  • Creation of tourism promotion materials for 16 target MSMEs
  • Development and publishing of multi-media Aragvi cultural trail guide
  • Developing the international and domestic trails promotion campaign
Autor: People in Need

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