Agricultural Labor market in Imereti

People in Need

This research was conducted within the context of the TVET Imereti Project for PiN’s “Improving Formal, Non-formal and Informal Vocational Education for the Agribusiness in Georgia” project. The project is intended to improve the linkages between the labor market demands of the agribusiness sector, and the skills and qualifications offered by the formal, non-formal and informal Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions. This goal will be achieved by achieving the following objectives:
1. Improvement of partnerships between VET providers, private agribusiness and other social and governmental partners,
2. Improvement of the quality and availability of agribusiness labor market information for all stakeholders,
3. Introduction of innovative technologies for improving the quality and accessibility of VET,
4. Raising the profile of VET amongst secondary school graduates, farmers and unemployed persons.